AUDI Specialist Car Workshop in Malaysia

AUDI Specialist Car Workshop in Malaysia

We are an automotive workshop specializing in AUDI car brand here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide full range of Audi’s car service, maintenance and repair work. We are trusted & reliable for service and repair all types of continental car in Malaysia. If you looking for an AUDI specialist workshop for your car, do give us a call for a total no obligation quote at 012-449 6696.

Audi LogoThe AUDI AG represents lively vehicles, high form quality and reformist plan – for “Vorsprung durch Technik.” The Audi Group is among the world’s driving makers of premium vehicles.

To assume an instrumental part in molding the change as we head into another time of versatility the Company is executing its methodology bit by bit. Audi AG is a German car producer of extravagance vehicles settled in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. As an auxiliary of its parent organization, the Volkswagen Group, Audi produces vehicles in nine creation offices around the world.

012-449 6696

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The starting points of the organization are mind boggling, returning to the mid twentieth century and the underlying endeavors (Horch and the Audiwerke) established by engineer August Horch; and two different producers (DKW and Wanderer), prompting the establishment of Auto Union in 1932. The cutting edge time of Audi basically started during the 1960s when Auto Union was obtained by Volkswagen from Daimler-Benz. After relaunching the Audi brand with the 1965 presentation of the Audi F103 series, Volkswagen combined Auto Union with NSU Motorenwerke in 1969, in this manner making the present-day type of the organization.

The organization name depends on the Latin interpretation of the family name of the organizer, August Horch. Horch, signifying “tune in” in German, becomes audi in Latin. The four rings of the Audi logo each address one of four vehicle organizations that united together to make Audi’s archetype organization, Auto Union. Audi’s trademark is Vorsprung durch Technik, signifying “Being Ahead through Technology”. Audi, alongside individual BMW and Mercedes-Benz, is among the top rated extravagance car brands in the world.

Audi Car Workshop Specialist in Malaysia (KL)

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No. 63-A, Jalan TPK 2/8, Taman Perindustrian Kinrara,
47180 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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