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What is extended warranty on a car?

Automotive aftermarket services

On the off chance that your forced air system separates or you have a motor or transmission disappointment your service contract will presumably cover it.

Not all-encompassing auto guarantees spread the vehicle from packed in, so it’s essential to comprehend what is and isn’t secured by various organizations when purchasing an all-inclusive auto guarantee. Brakes, cooling frameworks and electronic segments are only a couple of instances of administrations that might be secured. Make certain to peruse the fine print and pick an arrangement with the inclusion you really need.

Most guarantees don’t cover harm to your vehicle’s inside, paint or different issues coming about because of typical mileage. Mileage plans spread the distinction, regularly including tires. These auto assurance plans might be particularly speaking to those renting a vehicle since they’ll be in charge of the expense of these fixes when the rent closes. Peruse the terms cautiously and see unequivocally what will be secured.

Some portion of any vehicle administration contract understanding will be understanding that the vehicle proprietor will perform routine upkeep suggested by the vehicle producer. Neglecting to do so could void your agreement. Run of the mill support obligations required by most vehicle administration contracts include:

  • Oil changes: A solitary postponed oil change is probably not going to void a guarantee, yet rehashed misses could leave a vehicle proprietor confronting a full bill on a noteworthy framework fix.
  • Evolving channels: Bad channels can cause develop that effects the motor, transmission, admission and other significant frameworks. It is essential to change channels consistently.
  • Framework checks and administration plan: Regular testing and visual assessments can get issues before they become real dangers. They are normally incorporated into the prescribed support plan.
  • Utilizing suggested gas types: Every vehicle requires a specific octane rating to enable its motor to get its best life and execution. Utilizing an inappropriate or lower octane rating than is determined can cause motor harm and a voided guarantee.

Frequently, vehicle administration contracts or broadened auto guarantees bought independently from the maker’s guarantee can’t be utilized for 30 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes later, after they are acquired. This strategy keeps individuals from purchasing a vehicle administration contract simply after an issue creates.

Mercedes Car Workshop

Types of car warranties

Heavily congested maintenance agreement

Spreads parts like cooling, sound frameworks, vehicle sensors, fuel frameworks and major electrical segments. Most arrangements avoid normal support like liquid top-offs and oil changes, however a couple of brands have separate free-upkeep arrangements. Regularly called an exclusionary guarantee or new-vehicle guarantee, a heavily congested approach, packed in or new-vehicle guarantees ordinarily terminate quicker than Techtrics Auto guarantees.

Techtrics Auto guarantee

Commonly covers the motor and transmission, alongside whatever other moving parts that lead to the wheels, similar to the driveshaft and steady speed joints. A few automakers likewise pack safety belts and airbags into their Techtrics Auto guarantees. With a couple of special cases, Techtrics Auto guarantees don’t cover customary support like motor check ups and tire revolutions.

Techtrics Auto guarantee

Spreads transmission, driveshaft, axles, and wheels, however doesn’t cover the motor. A Techtrics Auto  guarantee will typically keep going for longer than a Techtrics Auto guarantee.

Vehicle support guarantee

Discretionary broadened administration or inclusion for air channels, oil changes, check ups and comparable things. Make a point to peruse every one of the subtleties in the event that you are buying this bundle. Now and again included with new vehicle buys, support bundles are normally accessible from the two businesses and as augmentations to a vehicle administration contract.

Mileage plans

Inclusion for harm to upholstery, inside, paint inclusion and cleaning or different issues coming about because of ordinary use. These auto insurance plans might be particularly engaging those renting a vehicle since they’ll be in charge of the expense of these fixes when the rent closes.

Execution guarantee

Fix or alter emanation controls for in any event two years or 24,000 miles if the vehicle bombs a discharges test. Plan and deformity guarantees spread in any event two years or 24,000 miles if outflow controls bomb autonomously of a test. Significant segments like exhaust systems and motor control modules are secured for execution and imperfections for a long time or 80,000 miles. On certain things, California occupants are qualified for extra inclusion.

Processing plant frill guarantee

Spreads everything from a top of the line sound framework to a motor adjustment from a producer’s exhibition wing. Most automakers spread adornments for one to three years or the rest of the packed in guarantee, whichever is shorter. Make certain to look at all the particulars; altering the embellishments after they’ve been introduced can void your inclusion. more info at https://mercedesworkshop.com.my

CALL: 012-449 6696



Range Rover Workshop Malaysia

Range Rover Workshop

The Land Rover Range Rover (by and large referred to just as a Range Rover) is a full-sized extravagance sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Land Rover, a marque of Jaguar Land Rover. The Range Rover was propelled in 1970 by British Leyland. This lead demonstrate is presently in its fourth era.

Jaguar Land Rover has additionally expanded the utilization of the Land Rover Range Rover sub-brand with the presentation of Range Rover Evoque, the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Sport.

The Rover Company (originator of the Land Rover marque) was trying different things with a bigger model than the Land Rover Series in 1951, when the Rover P4-based two-wheel-drive “Street Rover” venture was created by Gordon Bashford. This was retired in 1958, and the thought lay torpid until 1966, when engineers Spen King and Bashford set to take a shot at another model.

Range Rover Maintenance

range rover repair klIn 1967, the main Range Rover model was manufactured (number plate SYE 157F), with the great Range Rover shape perceptible, however with an alternate front grille and fog light design. The structure of the Range Rover was finished in 1969. Twenty-six Velar building improvement vehicles were worked somewhere in the range of 1969 and 1970 and were street enlisted with the number plates YVB151H through to YVB177H.

Despite the fact that being frame no. 3, the vehicle YVB 153H is accepted to have been the leading the generation line as a vehicle in that shading was direly required for promoting. The Velar name was gotten from the Italian “velare” which means to cloak or to cover. Range Rover advancement engineer Geof Miller utilized the name as a distraction for enrolling pre-creation Range Rovers. The Velar organization was enlisted in London and created 40 pre-generation vehicles that were worked somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1970. A large portion of these Velar pre-generation vehicles are represented and have made due into conservation.

The Range Rover was propelled in 1970. In the mid 1970s, the Musée du Louver in Paris showed a Range Rover as a “commendable work of mechanical structure”.

In 1972, the British Trans-Americas Expedition turned into the main vehicle-based undertaking to cross the Americas from north-to-south, including navigating the roadless Darién Gap. The uncommonly adjusted Range Rovers utilized for this campaign are presently in plain view in the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust gathering at Gaydon, Warwickshire.

range rover repair malaysia klSomewhere in the range of 1974 and 1987, Land Rover vehicles were just sold in the United States through the dim market. The Land Rover organization started selling the Range Rover formally in the U.S. on 16 March 1987. From that time until 1993, the U.S. advertising was all for the sake of Range Rover, since it was the main model offered in the American market. In 1993, with the entry of the Defender 110 and the impending entry of the Land Rover Discovery, the organization’s U.S. deals were under the name “Land Rover North America”.

In 2004, Land Rover propelled another model under the Range Rover brand – the Range Rover Sport, which depended on the Land Rover Discovery stage, yet the new Range Rover Sport has the most recent Range Rover stage.

In 2011, the Range Rover Evoque was propelled.

The original Range Rover was created somewhere in the range of 1970 and 1996. It was accessible just in a 2-entryway body until 1981, however preceding this 4-entryway models were delivered by authority firms.

Not at all like other 4x4s, for example, the Jeep Wagoneer, the first Range Rover was not planned as an extravagance type vehicle. While absolutely up-showcase contrasted with going before Land Rover models, the early Range Rovers had genuinely fundamental, utilitarian insides with vinyl seats and plastic dashboards that were intended to be washed down with a hose. Comfort highlights, for example, control controlling, covered floors, cooling, fabric/leather seats, and wooden inside trim were fitted later.

The Range Rover was a body-on-outline structure with a case segment stepping stool type suspension, similar to the contemporary Series Land Rovers. The Range Rover utilized curl springs rather than leaf springs, perpetual four-wheel drive, and four-wheel plate brakes. The Range Rover was initially fueled by different Rover V8 motors and diesel motors.

range rover repair malaysiaInitially, the Range Rover was fitted with a detuned 130 hp (97 kW) form of the Buick-determined Rover V8 motor. In 1984, the motor was fitted with Lucas fuel infusion, boosting capacity to 155 hp (116 kW). The 3.5-liter (3,528 cc) motor was exhausted out to an uprooting of 3.9 liters (3,947 cc) for the 1990 model year, and 4.2-liter (4,215 cc) in 1992 (1993 model year) for the 108-inch Long Wheelbase Vogue LSE (County LWB [long wheelbase] in North America). One of the primary noteworthy changes came in 1981, with the presentation of a four-entryway body. Not long after twin thermo fan innovation was acquainted with lessen huge overheating issues 1970s models experienced in Australia. In 1988, LR presented a 2.4-liter turbodiesel (badged Vogue Turbo D) landed with 112 bhp (84 kW), fabricated by Italian VM Motori. A similar motor was additionally accessible in the Rover SD1 traveler vehicle. The diesel venture was codenamed venture Beaver. Amid the venture, 12 world records were broken, including the quickest diesel SUV to achieve 100 mph (160 km/h), and the furthest a diesel SUV has gone in 24 hours. In 1990 venture Otter was uncovered. This was a gently tuned 2.5-liter, 119 bhp (89 kW) form of the ‘Beaver’ 2.4. In 1992, Land Rover at long last presented their very own diesel motors in the Range Rover, starting with the 111 bhp (83 kW) 200TDi, first discharged in the Land Rover Discovery and following in 1994, the 300 TDi, again with 111 bhp.

The Range Rover with suspension no. 1 was a green model with the enrollment “YVB 151H”, and is presently on presentation at Huddersfield Land Rover Center, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The original model was known as the Range Rover until nearly the finish of its run, when Land Rover presented the name Range Rover Classic to recognize it from its successors.

Range Rover Sport

On 26 November 2004, Land Rover discharged the main photos of the Range Rover Sport, another model it wanted to show to the general population out of the blue at the 2004 North American International Auto Show. The Range Rover Sport is a creation vehicle advancement of the Range Stormer idea vehicle the organization exhibited in the 2004 North American International Auto Show. In spite of the fact that called the Range Rover Sport “L320”, it was not simply another determination inside the Range Rover line-up, but instead an adjusted Discovery “L319”, or T5 Platform Discovery/LR3 with Range Rover outside styling and Range Rover inside seating and dash shapes, an abbreviated wheelbase, littler baggage limit and a solitary rather than split rear end which was calculated back for styling upgrades. With section show evaluating near upper Discovery models, the Sport turned into the greatest merchant of all the Land Rover items. This model was discharged available to be purchased in late 2004 as a 2004 model.

In 2013 an updated adaptation was discharged available to be purchased as a 2014 model year “L494”. In contrast to the first and current Discovery, it doesn’t have a steel body rails yet depends on the new D7u combination Platform, which considerably more looks like current leader Range Rover with closer hardware levels and capacities in a littler body style. Consequently the L494 Range Rover Sport is around 400 kg lighter than the past age and advantages in execution because of its weight decrease.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque, which went into generation in July 2011, has its underlying foundations in the Land Rover LRX idea vehicle; with which it bears a practically indistinguishable likeness. It is accessible with either a three-entryway or five-entryway hatchback body, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and with a 2-liter turbocharged oil motor or one of two distinctive power yield 2.0-liter turbo-diesel motors.

In 2012, at the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover revealed a convertible idea, which included four seats and a drop-down back end.

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover revealed a moderate size hybrid utilizing the Range Rover name in March 2017. Named the Range Rover Velar, it has a rooftop line fleeing on its bodywork and utilizations a similar stage as the Jaguar F-Pace, which fills in as the reason for its plan.

Range Rover Service, Maintenance & Repair Specialist Workshop in Malaysia

Alternative range rover service centre – Range Rover Car Model We Service & Maintenance:

  • Range Rover Sports
  • Range Rover Velar
  • Range Rover Evogue


Range Rover Workshop

CALL: 012-449 6696

More info at: https://mercedesworkshop.com.my/range-rover-workshop-malaysia

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Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Air Conditioner Problem

Toyota Alphard/Vellfire Aircond Problem

vellfire aircond problem

Having your vehicle’s cooling go out abruptly can demolish your day quick. The most widely recognized reasons for broken cooling are breaks or blower issues. In the event that your air is blowing cool yet not chilly, the issue could be an obstructed channel, cooling fan issue or radiator inconvenience. Try not to endure a stuffy, awkward vehicle. Utilize our guide underneath to analyze your particular atmosphere control issue, and you could spare yourself some virus money on the fix.

Cool But Not Cold

On the off chance that the cooling is set to max cool and fans on high, yet is just blowing decently cool air:

  • Verify that the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running when the cooling is on.
  • Search for any confinements like leaves, bugs or soil that would shield air from ignoring the condenser.
  • Check the lodge air channel to guarantee that it isn’t obstructed.
  • Check the weights in the framework utilizing a complex measure set. The suggested high-side and low-side weights can be found in the fix manual.


When diagnosing a cooling issue, it’s simplest to start at the blower.

With the motor running turn the A/C on max cool, set fans high, and ensure that the grasp is connecting on the blower.

Note: this isn’t the pulley, yet the focal point that draws in the pulley to the blower shaft. On the off chance that the grasp is connecting with and separating quickly, the refrigerant might be low.

On the off chance that the grip isn’t drawing in, utilize a voltmeter to check for voltage getting to the blower.

On the off chance that there is voltage – the grasp might be terrible.

On the off chance that there is no voltage – a cycling switch might be terrible, a breaker might be blown and the framework might not have enough refrigerant strain to trip the low weight cutoff switch that cycles the blower.


Holes are the most widely recognized issue related with the cooling framework.

On the off chance that weight is low, at that point there might be a break.

Utilizing an UV A/C spill discovery pack is the most straightforward approach to discover a hole.

Adhere to the directions on the bundling to acquaint UV color with the framework and UV light to discover the hole.

  • Check around all fittings to confirm that they are for the most part secure.
  • Check hose manifolds on the blower.
  • Check the front seal and the o-rings fixing the weight switches on the back of a few blowers.
  • Check where the hoses are pleated onto the fittings.
  • Check the Schrader Valves.
  • Check for stick openings in the condenser.
  • Check where the evaporator channels buildup with UV light.

Some of the time oil or color can be seen.

Note: The color check won’t work if the framework is excessively low and the blower isn’t cycling.

aircond alphard tak sejukOn the off chance that the vehicle has a double zone A/C, at that point the most well-known issue is a terrible temperature entryway actuator. This actuator is the thing that controls the temperature entryway. On the off chance that the entryway doesn’t open, the cool air won’t get in. Double zone A/C frameworks have a temperature entryway for the two sides.

Vehicles without a double zone A/C framework normally encounters this issue if there is a low Freon charge in the framework. This is regularly missed by mechanics on the grounds that the Freon measure will peruse typical regardless of whether it is low on Freon. For example, a framework that is ½ lb. low will cause the traveler side vents to blow cooler air, and the driver’s side to blow hotter air. For this situation, there is essentially insufficient Freon to cool the driver’s side. Ensure you have your Freon levels checked and filled if necessary. https://mercedesworkshop.com.my

mercedes malaysia service price

Mercedes Benz Service Centre Malaysia

The underlying price tag of a Mercedes Benz is just piece of the expense, obviously. A key inquiry is whether you can manage the cost of the trickle, dribble of upkeep and repairs for whatever length of time that you possess it.

mercedes malaysia service priceIn our 2016 Auto Reliability Survey, we requested that supporters reveal to us the amount they paid out of pocket for general upkeep (oil changes, and so forth.) and repairs amid the past a year. Here we detail those normal year costs for proprietors of 2014 and 2007 models for the brands about which we have overview information. These expenses give an understanding into the costs proprietors will acquire over the life of their vehicle.

Our examination demonstrates that numerous brands have low possession costs amid year three. In any case, expenses can soar when the guarantee and free upkeep periods are finished.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an Mercedes workshop in Malaysia or choosing what to do with the one in your carport, investigate the short-and long haul upkeep and repair costs in these key long periods of possession.


Mercedes specialist workshop Malaysia

Mercedes Workshop Malaysia – Mercedes Workshop provides alternative one-stop, full-range of European car service, repair & maintenance in Malaysia. Call for best Mercedes-Benz service promotion price 012-449 6696.

BMW vs Mercedes Maintenance Costs Malaysia

Mercedes a250 maintenance cost Malaysia

Mercedes a200 maintenance cost Malaysia

Mercedes Malaysia 4 year warranty

Mercedes Malaysia service warranty

Mercedes extended warranty Malaysia

After warranty car workshop

Mercedes Repair

Mercedes Repair

Mercedes Benz Repair Specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mercedes-Benz follows its causes to Karl Benz’s production of the main petroleum fueled auto, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, financed by Bertha Benz and protected in January 1886, and Gottlieb Daimler and specialist Wilhelm Maybach’s transformation of a stagecoach by the expansion of an oil motor soon thereafter. The Mercedes vehicle was first advertised in 1901 by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (Daimler Motors Corporation).

Emil Jellinek, an Austrian car business person who worked with DMG, made the trademark in 1902, naming the 1901 Mercedes 35 hp after his girl Mercedes Jellinek. Jellinek was a specialist and showcasing strategist who advanced “horseless” Daimler vehicles among the most noteworthy circles of society in his received home, which, around then, was a gathering place for the “Haute Volée” of France and Europe, particularly in winter. His clients incorporated the Rothschild family and other surely understood identities. Be that as it may, Jellinek’s designs went further: as right on time as 1901, he was offering Mercedes autos in the New World too, including to US extremely rich people Rockefeller, Astor, Morgan and Taylor. At a race in Nice in 1899, Jellinek drove under the pen name “Mercédès”, a method for hiding the contender’s genuine name as was typical back then. The race positions as the hour of birth of the Mercedes-Benz mark. In 1901, the name “Mercedes” was enrolled by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) worldwide as an ensured trademark.The primary Mercedes-Benz mark name vehicles were created in 1926, after the merger of Karl Benz’s and Gottlieb Daimler’s organizations into the Daimler-Benz company. On 28 June 1926, Mercedes-Benz was framed with the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s two organizations.

Gottlieb Daimler was conceived on 17 March 1834 in Schorndorf. Subsequent to preparing as a gunsmith and working in France, he went to the Polytechnic School in Stuttgart from 1857 to 1859. In the wake of finishing different specialized exercises in France and England, he began fill in as a designer in Geislingen in 1862. Toward the finish of 1863, he was named workshop controller in a machine device manufacturing plant in Reutlingen, where he met Wilhelm Maybach in 1865.

Mercedes Repair

All through the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz created the 770 model, an auto that was prevalent amid Germany’s Nazi period. Adolf Hitler was known to have driven these autos amid his chance in control, with impenetrable windshields.[6] Most of the surviving models have been sold at sell-offs to private purchasers. One of them is as of now in plain view at the War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. The pontiff’s Popemobile has regularly been sourced from Mercedes-Benz. In 1944, 46,000 constrained workers were utilized as a part of Daimler-Benz’s manufacturing plants to support Nazi war endeavors. The organization later paid $12 million in reparations to the workers’ families. Mercedes-Benz has presented numerous mechanical and wellbeing advancements that later ended up plainly normal in other vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is a standout amongst other known and set up car marks on the planet.

For data identifying with the well known three-pointed star, see under the title Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft including the merger into Daimler-Benz.

After warranty car workshop


Mercedes Benz Repairs, Service, Maintenance and Warranties in Malaysia

Mercedes Benz Repairs, Service, Maintenance and Warranties in Malaysia

Unequalled Service and Convenience. You demand the best possible in driving a vehicle performance, We deliver the best possible in motor vehicle service for Mercedes Benz. We have been your mobile dealership alternate for tedious service on your Mercedes-Benz. We perform complete diagnostics, daily habit service and quality vehicle repairs for Mercedes Benz in Malaysia.

We of experts are manufacturer trained and accredited and focus on all vehicle makes and models. Maybe most of all, they always utilize the best parts and industry

Program Service Online. For stellar motor vehicle repair and service, search no further than the MercedesWorkshop in Malaysia (Techtrics Auto)



Jaguar Specialist Workshop Malaysia

Jaguar Specialist Workshop Malaysia

Life. It’s not about figures. It’s about feelings. The moments that feed your soul. The occasions that take your breath away. The instances that leave you speechless. These are the moments we live for.

That’s why our designers and engineers at Jaguar develop a blend of responsive performance that gets your pulse racing, dramatic design that makes you stop and stare and a sense of theatre that stirs your emotions.

Our cars are a manifestation of our passion. Performance that cannot be measured, only felt. That’s why we call it art.

Jaguar workshop Malaysia

Jaguar Specialist Workshop provides alternative one-stop, full-range of Jaguar car service & repair in Malaysia. 0124496696


After warranty car workshop

Porsche Specialist Workshop Malaysia

Porsche Specialist Workshop Malaysia

This quote gets to the heart of everything that makes Porsche what it is. As a brand, as a company and as an automotive manufacturer. It has been our guiding star – for more than 65 years. And it covers all the values that characterise our work and our vehicles. It’s no wonder, therefore, that no-one can describe this better than the person who created the very first sports car to bear the Porsche name: Ferdinand Anton Ernst – or Ferry Porsche, for short.

porsche workshop malaysia

In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.


Ferry Porsche

His dream of the perfect sports car has always driven us – throughout our history. And we get closer to achieving it every day. With every concept, every development and every model. Along the way, we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all. We refer to it simply as the Porsche Principle. The underlying principle is to always get the most out of everything. From day one, we have strived to translate performance into speed – and success – in the most intelligent way possible. It’s no longer all about horsepower, but more ideas per horsepower. This principle originates on the race track and is embodied in every single one of our cars. We call it “Intelligent Performance”.

Mercedes Workshop Malaysia – Mercedes Workshop provides alternative one-stop, full-range of European car service & repair in Malaysia. 0124496696


Car Specialist Workshop


Car Specialist Workshop

– Professional & skilled mechanics for all kinds of continental car manufacturer. We specialize for car motor workshop service, maintenance, repair, and tuning. Specialist car repair shops will be shops having some expertise in specific parts, for example, brakes, suppressors and fumes frameworks, transmissions, body parts, car charge, car ventilation system repairs, car glass repairs and establishment, and wheel arrangement or the individuals who just work on specific brands of vehicle or vehicles from specific mainlands of the world. There are additionally car repair shops that work in vehicle alterations and customization. Regularly, different particular auto repair shops will have shifted foundation and offices (for particular occupations or vehicles), and additionally experts and mechanics with various capabilities.

Auto body repair

Our car repair shops additionally offer paintwork repairs to scratches, scrapes and gouges to vehicle harm and in addition harm brought about by crashes and real mischances. Many body shops now offer paintless scratch repair, which is finished by driving the marks out from inside. OEM Certified Collision Centers have the most elevated gauges. Contact us today to get FREE consultation or visit our workshop.


porsche workshop malaysia

Car Service Workshop

Porsche Panamera
Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Cayman
Porsche Carrera 911
Porsche Macan
Porsche Boxter
Porsche Targa

Mercedes Benz

mercedes workshop malaysia

Car Service Workshop

Mercedes Benz A class
Mercedes Benz B class
Mercedes Benz C class
Mercedes Benz CLA class
Mercedes Benz CLS class
Mercedes Benz E class
Mercedes Benz GL class
Mercedes Benz GLA class
Mercedes Benz GLE class
Mercedes Benz GLE C class
Mercedes Benz ML class
Mercedes Benz R class
Mercedes Benz S class


BMW workshop malaysia

Car Service Workshop

BMW 1 series
BMW 3 series
BMW 5 series
BMW 6 series
BMW 7 series
BMW X1 series
BMW X3 series
BMW X4 series
BMW X5 series
BMW X6 series


audi workshop malaysia

Car Service Workshop

Audi A1
Audi A3
Audi A4
Audi A5
Audi A6
Audi A7
Audi A8
Audi S4
Audi S5
Audi S6
Audi S7
Audi S8
Audi RS4
Audi RS5
Audi RS6
Audi RS7
Audi R8


bentley workshop malaysia

Car Service Workshop

BENTLEY Flying spur
BENTLEY Continental GT
BENTLEY mulsanne


Jaguar workshop Malaysia

Car Service Workshop

JAGUAR Xk-type



Car Service Workshop


Car Service Workshop




Car Service Workshop



Car Service Workshop

After warranty car workshop


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